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Anjney Files: Why Social Networking Is Broken and How You Can Fix It - via ReMag

by Anjney Midha:

On the warm Sunday evening of October 25th, 2009, a homesick and inspired adolescent in Singapore posted a 52 line poem on his Facebook profile, tagging several friends before downing a tall mug of hot chocolate and  hitting the bed. The following morning, he opened his inbox to find a slurry of comments from peers and Facebook friends, and one official email from a local magazine. The poem had, in the course of fourteen hours, travelled through cyberspace on Facebook home feeds until an intern at the Singaporean magazine had chanced upon it, and felt that the creative writing piece was perfect for their next issue. The magazine offered the teen a small fee to let them publish his poem and buy the exclusive publishing rights for the piece. “Sure”, the boy thought, “I own the poem and now you can have it”. What I didn’t know was that there was somebody else who owned my poem; Facebook.

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" Anjney Midha was a guest contributor to this past week and we are highlight a snippet of the article. Click the above link for more of the article. Go Anjney!"

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